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The Popcorn Manager is a complete online system for organizing and participating in a Boy Scout Popcorn fundraiser sale. It allows units to enter individual scout sales and prize information, record and divy up money earned at a group sale, view summaries for the entire unit and individual dens/patrols, submit orders to council, find units to trade popcorn with, a complete message system to keep you in touch, and its all kept very secure. At a council level it lets you view and control each unit, approve orders, create orders to submit to Trails-End. It also records information over the years and looks at unit histories.

Note: Currently, this software is for Northeast Illinios Council. Other interested councils should contact us at cfederer@ameritech.net. We are looking for other councils to use the software as well. This is a complete alternative to the Trails-End online management system, and will actually work with ANY popcorn company or prize program. This program, at a council level, reduces tons of paperwork, eliminates the need for tons of math, and keeps track of all the units, tells you which ones have already registered, and which ones have submitted orders. Please email us and we can give you information on how to get a tour of the software.

Some features:

  • Popcorn Manager runs over the web!
    The instant you put data in you have, in effect, handed in your paper work. If you manage your unit's sale with Popcorn Manager then the only paper you will bring to Super Sunday is a check. Every year we automatically load in your current Scout names and phone numbers for you.
  • Group Sales are part of Popcorn Manager!
    Units that run blitz sales can easily attribute Scout sales on a time and/or dollar basis to each Scout's sales record. This instantly eliminates a huge prize program headache. Both group sales AND individual "Door-to-Door" sales are accounted for by the system.
  • Popcorn transfers from unit to unit are handled by Popcorn Manager!
    Popcorn Manager provides a 'Classifieds' system for informing other units if you need more popcorn or have extra popcorn to trade. The Popcorn Manager takes care of all the administrative work, all you need to do is deliver the popcorn to each other!
  • Instant alerts integrated into Popcorn Manager!
    Warehouse changes, time changes, special opportunities - we have to be nimble to make the sale a success for you. Every time you log on the latest information is waiting for you.
  • Message System is Built-In!
    You can message any of the kernels in your unit, any of the council kernels, or any unit all from within the Popcorn Manager while keeping your e-mail address completely safe.
  • Popcorn Manager will change if you ask for it!
    We will improve the software continuously in response to your ideas and comments. Tell us all of your ideas and we will do our best to make them happen.
Here is what people are saying:

Absolute JOY! Fantastic upgrade. Thanks for the simplicity!!!! Awesome tool. Kernel's job MUCH easier. Seems like you have thought of everything!!! This software is cool.

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